What we do

Our 4,000 employees are dedicated to providing world-leading, specialised administration services to clients in over 30 jurisdictions

This is amplified by the support we offer across our approved partner network which covers a further 100+ jurisdictions. Our focus on bespoke corporate, fund, capital market and private wealth services enables our clients to invest, grow and thrive anywhere in the world. Sitting at the heart of international business, our local, expert knowledge and innovative, proprietary technology combine to deliver a compelling proposition – all of which keeps our clients one step ahead.

By being the best at what we do, we empower businesses of all sizes, wherever they are in the world, to navigate the complexity of ever-changing rules and regulations. We support them to grow and accelerate the possible. We partner with them to transform and unleash the potential of their operating model by driving the efficiency, technology and insight needed to achieve a competitive edge. We deliver the power they need to succeed.

That's why we focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best talent in our industry and our talent strategy is centred on strong teams, platforms for growth and our values driven culture.

Be empowered. Be Intertrust.

One Intertrust One Team

We believe that without a sense of purpose, we won’t be able to achieve our full potential. Our purpose helps us to shape our strategies, culture and ability to transform. Our purpose has three elements…

We're enablers

By helping our clients with their administrative challenges, we enable them to grow their business sustainably.

We're navigators

In an increasingly complex global environment, we implement solutions for our clients to operate their business efficiently and responsibly.

We're gatekeepers

Focusing on compliance, business ethics and transparency, we take care of our clients’ legal, administrative and regulatory duties in international business.

Read more about how we help maintain and manage our clients as their needs grow

Our values

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We want to have a purpose-led and value-driven culture that will help us to grow and perform at our best and to work effectively together

Our values describe the way in which we promise to behave; they identify the principles that define our character and drive our behaviour.

We're innovative

We welcome new ways of working. We embrace change and challenge, to do better. Thinking of the bigger picture, we spot new opportunities.

We're connected

We're collaborative. We share knowledge and expertise to achieve the best results. Our aim is to build trust and relationships for the long-term.

We're responsive

We're ambitious and proactive in our thinking. We anticipate change so we can stay ahead. In everything we do, we always go the extra mile. 

We're excellent

We're driven to succeed. We support each other and our clients to achieve their goals. Each of us takes pride in delivering first-class results.

Alex Di Santo

We’re driven by a desire to be the best at what we do and deliver truly exceptional service to our clients. It is the clients and employees that keep the job interesting as we continue to grow together and work collaboratively on the next challenge. Be Excellent. Be Intertrust

Alex Di Santo, Director and Head of Closed Ended Funds, Intertrust Jersey

Juliana Santos

I love my working day because I have a great team and they're very supportive. When it gets really busy we all pull together to get the job done and I find every day brings a new exciting challenge. Be Supported. Be Intertrust 

Juliana Santos, Fund Administrator, Intertrust Jersey

Donovin Pombo

I value our company’s agile and capable team which allow for the principle of innovation to be entrenched in my everyday working life. Our company exercises creativity and innovation regularly, adapting to the current market trends and providing its employees with the opportunities to engage in a wider range of projects  which are not offered elsewhere. Be Innovative. Be Intertrust

Donovin Pombo, Senior System Accountant, Intertrust Luxembourg

Liza Rowland

Working for a global company was really appealing to me. Not only do I have a close-knit and supportive team in my New York City office, I am able to collaborate with really talented and diverse people from all over the world. Traveling to faraway places to meet some of my colleagues is definitely a highlight, too! Be Collaborative. Be Intertrust

Liza Rowland, Marketing Coordinator , Intertrust New York

Marcelo Delfos

From our employees’ learning & development to automated process and digitized service delivery, on all fronts we’re investing. This will benefit our people and clients. If you’re seeking to work in a dynamic company, it is the best moment to join Intertrust as you will join a company that is fully in transition to lead the game! Be Ambitious. Be Intertrust 

Marcelo Delfos, Business Development, Intertrust Netherlands

Corporate Social Responsibility

Building a sustainable business requires a balanced relationship with all stakeholders including employees, clients, business partners, investors, regulators, the communities we operate in and society at large.

The central theme in our CSR programme is ‘leading by responsible business practices’. It
guides our actions by focusing on three key areas:

  1. Responsible financial services
  2. Empowering our people
  3. Creating value for our stakeholders

Be inquisitive. Be Intertrust.

Diversity and Inclusion

For us, diversity means a workforce that reflects society

A workforce made up of different gender identities, sexual orientations, nationalities, cultures, generations, ethnic groups, abilities, education and social backgrounds. Diversity makes our organisation stronger and more sustainable – it’s critical to be open to different ways of thinking and acting to enhance long-term sustainability. We do not discriminate on the basis of age, skin colour, disability, gender, marital status, nationality, race, religion, sexual orientation or other ethnic or cultural aspects.

Be inclusive. Be Intertrust.