Ben Rose explains how global mobility has helped him grow in his career


I’ve always been interested in global mobility and Intertrust offered me a great opportunity to pursue a career in Hong Kong. The role was very interesting and a challenge I was keen to explore. Managing a relationship across the APAC region and dealing with a variety of stakeholders across different time zones and cultures has given me exposure into a wide variety of service offerings. I’ve really enjoyed deepened my knowledge of company secretary matters across a number of jurisdictions.

Career progression

I have regular catch ups with HR about how I can progress my experience and knowledge. I’ve been supported through my exams diploma ICSA level and I’ve recently been discussing my next steps, including ICSA, a Masters and other management courses, and working out which would suit my career goals best. I find these regular catch ups extremely useful in terms of seeing where my career path is going.

Getting outside your comfort zone

I would strongly recommend everyone to take full advantage of everything on offer within Intertrust, whether that’s through speaking with HR about your career plans or your line managers on where you see yourself progressing. From my own experience, I would recommend exploring global mobility opportunities – not only have I challenged myself from a career perspective, I have personally grown from getting out of my comfort zone and embracing new cultures.