Building trust in a new role: Nadine Watler (MD Cayman) talks team building


​There’s No Better Way To Get To Know Your New Colleagues Than Cramming Into A Suzuki Hatchback With 18 Of Them!

In August 2019 I became the  Managing Director of Cayman, joining a group of approximately 160 colleagues in our journey forward as leaders in the technology enabled Corporate and Funds services space. It’s a tall order, and I joined the team at a time of many exciting transformations within our company, like our acquisition of Viteos and launch of our new client portal, expanding products and services across our region and navigating ever changing regulations. There’s a lot going on, and a lot of people to get to know in the midst of all these changes, both locally and within our global offices.

We entered two teams consisting of 23 of my colleagues into the annual Cayman Corporate Cup, and naturally I was keen to join the team. From relay races, tug-of-war, obstacle courses, jousts, and of course the “Stuff the Car Challenge”, spending a Saturday with my new teammates outside of the office in friendly competition turned out to be one of the most important activities I have done so far as MD of the Cayman office.

Building relationships founded on trust is crucial for a leader. I rolled up my sleeves for target shooting, tug-of-war and then subsequently rolled into a ball alongside 18 of my daring teammates to “stuff” the Suzuki! It really brought us together (literally!). The day was filled with open, effective communication and a lot of laughter; it was the kind of team building that is much harder to establish in the board room. The spirit carried back into the office Monday morning and beyond. A colleague even sent me a note saying that he has never experienced such team work and camaraderie in his entire working career.

Both of our teams placed within the top 10 overall, and we proudly stuffed the most people into a little car, winning a catered lunch for the team!