Diederick Slotboom - The company offers the chance to build your knowledge by working with clients in all sectors. I've been lucky enough to work in multiple locations across Europe.


Meet Diederick Slotboom, who has been with us since September 2015. He started 7 years ago as graduate in finance through the Graduate Talent Programme and now works as a Business Manager in the Netherlands. 

My current role focuses on business improvement. Right now, we’re building in-house software to optimise and automate data within the organisation as some things are still dependent on pen & paper or maintenance of physical records. With the digitalisation of this data, we remove many manual elements of day-to-day work, the back-office can work more efficiently and the data can be analysed and interpreted in a much more powerful way.   

The real motivation for me to apply to this programme back in 2015 was that I was based out of London at the time and looking to work for a good company in the Netherlands. Intertrust Group, ticked all the right boxes for me. The 12 month-long programme begain with classes where we learned about the various functions in the organisation. Topics ranged from a focus on finance, basics of company law and taxation through to self-improvement topics like soft skills, negotiation skills and presentation training. I had the opportunity to learn about jurisdiction-based taxation, compliance and legislation as well which matched my desire to learn more about business in the Netherlands specifically. 

On the topic of culture at Intertrust Group, it’s ever-evolving and only gets better. Since Covid, we’ve been working from home as well which took a bit of adjustment in terms of finding the right life/work balance. I miss the times when people could come together after work and socialise with each other because I made a great group of friends on the programme.  But those days will return for sure.  

People here are supportive, yet competitive. Always wanting to keep the organisation ahead and lead the market. For people who want to make a difference in the financial or legal industry, this is the right place to kickstart your career. You’ll learn alot during the programme and there is every opportunity to achieve your long-term/short-term goals while working across all sorts of business sectors.