Donovin Pombo, on settling in to a new country and new company


I joined Intertrust in March 2018, my first role in the company was as a Relationship Officer in Accounting within the Funds team in Luxembourg. Having just immigrated from my home in South Africa at the age of 24 and without any previous international working experience, the adjustment to living and working in such an internationally diverse country and company was challenging.

Feeling supported

Luckily working for Intertrust made settling in much smoother. I was supported throughout my first year and have made some good friends along the way. I continue to be supported and given opportunities to grow. As I progressed through my first year with the company my role officially shifted to that of a System Accountant.

Being collaborative

I worked closely with the servicing teams in Luxembourg and began to assist other offices in unison with the Jersey Operations Team. In 2019 we have managed to form an aligned funds operations team aiming to ensure a consistent and globally aligned approach to systems within the funds teams. This is what makes my role really interesting, being able to collaborate across the offices, talk to new people and learn from each other.

A global approach

Our company's global approach provides us with the opportunity to engage with people of different cultures and learn from our colleagues in other offices or jurisdictions. This global approach is key to the future success of Intertrust, through cross-office knowledge sharing and global alignment, Intertrust can not only better service its clients but its employees too. It's this way of working, that's helped me feel part of a big team quickly and continues to help me develop in my career.