Felix Deng reveals why Intertrust is a great place to work


I joined Intertrust in February 2012. I was impressed with the company’s global presence and international reputation. I was hired as the first local Business Developer, which meant there were a lot of challenges, but also a lot of opportunities available to me. In the last seven years, I’ve grown from a manager to a director and I now have substantial knowledge and experience of the business.

Learning and development opportunities

I’ve had lots of support from management. In 2017, I was involved in developing new clients and business partners from the US and since then I have brought deals back to China every trip, with thanks from my teammates support in the US offices. Two years ago I also started International Trust Management courses with STEP, which has given me extensive knowledge of our Trust services. I have one more paper to complete and I will then become a Trust Estate Practitioner (TEP). We actually won the platinum sponsor from STEP as the first Trust service provider in China mainland last year.

 Focused on the future

I really enjoy the diversity of Intertrust and working with colleagues from different countries with different service lines. I like seeing the best practice and experiencing the culture differences. Intertrust is a great platform for your career as you can develop your potential as much you want.