Florida Francisco on her career development with Intertrust


I started my career as a lawyer in the Philippines. During my practice I was exposed to handling family businesses, estate planning, and corporate administration. I became more inclined to learning and developing my skills in corporate administration. Hence, when my family and I moved to Singapore I looked for a job in corporate administration. I applied for an Intertrust job advertisement for Corporate Secretarial Associate and was fortunate to get offered the job.

Being supported in my role

I joined Intertrust at the start of 2014 as a Corporate Secretarial Associate and progressed to executive position. Aside from my job post, I am also a member of our Knowledge Management Team (KMT). The KMT helps in the dissemination of new updates in the corporate secretarial practice, laws and regulations to our colleagues and clients. 

During my time with Intertrust I’ve been able to complete my diploma in the Institute of Chartered Secretaries and Administrators, Singapore and International Trust Management (STEP).

The Singapore office allows employees to opt for flexi time. I opted for a flexi time schedule which was also encouraged by my direct manager and head of division. With this I am able to care for my three kids as well as complete my STEP Diploma.
For my CSIS Diploma the office allowed me to have study and exam leave and contributed to my examination expenses.

In addition to the above, the office also encourages us to attend training conducted by our respective societies/institutes.

A great place to work

What makes this a great place to work are the people in my team, the friendships I've built and our clients. We also have office overseas trips which allows us to interact with our colleagues outside our group in a more relaxed setting.