Govind Sridhar on his first six months with Intertrust


Govind joined as Senior Vice President on 23 September 2019 as Head of Projects in Mumbai.

“It's been a great start at Intertrust. I've enjoyed working here and can relate to the value system and business model quite well. My team and peer group is very supportive and accommodating, thereby helping me settle-in quickly. My thoughts are valued here. I feel heard. I’m able to explore the depth of my skills and knowledge almost every day and at the same time be a sponge to soak in more learning. Having spent almost two months here, I've started laying down a target operating model for Product Strategy Group and how it should align with the priorities of other teams - strategically, commercially and objectively.

While my innings has started with a power play, I hope the positive environment, infectious energy levels and market moving opportunities continue to join me in this journey.”