Intertrust Jersey celebrate promotions

Intertrust Group in Jersey are proud to celebrate 33 promotions. 

Development training is an essential part of any career progression, and while it's a continuous journey, the desired destination and routes taken will vary for everyone.

At Intertrust Group, we invest in programmes that focus on each stage of your career. 

Employees have been promoted across Intertrust Group’s private equity, private wealth, capital markets, corporate services and operations service lines, with 33 employees being promoted this year and more recently celebrating the promotions of nine of our colleagues in September.

Jacob Smed, Managing Director, Jersey of Intertrust Group, commented:

“I’d like to congratulate all of our colleagues who have been promoted. With these promotions we have cemented our commitment to our employees’ career development goals and we are excited to celebrate with you all.

We believe that providing our employees with clear pathways encourages them to succeed and are always pleased when we can help so many colleagues take the next step on their journeys. Development is a huge part of our offering and we want to enable all of our people to unleash their potential with us."