Joey Lau tells us why Intertrust is a great place to work


I’m Manager of Private Wealth Services for the Hong Kong office so I handle the administration of trust and companies for clients. When I first joined the company in 2004, I was a secretary of company secretarial division and through various opportunities and following some courses, I have worked my way up to Manager of Private Wealth Services.

Great colleagues

The Hong Kong office is a great place to be. We’re a small office but we have lots of knowledge and experience between us and it’s very easy to get in contact with our colleagues in other offices, if we need to. The industry naturally has tight deadlines, but we’re a cohesive, effective and efficient team and work well together to get everything done on time. Everyone has their role and it’s great when each person does their work and we reach a goal together. We always work hard and share our knowledge with each other.

We have regular events in our Division,  like, making small leather goods during lunch time and holding cooking class after office hours. At Christmas we usually have a fruitful meal and celebrate together.  I look forward to more years to come in such a good team.