Loubna el Ouardani - If you want to go for it, Intertrust will give you the opportunities!


Meet Loubna; 29 years old and a senior company lawyer in one of the corporate service line teams within Intertrust Group.  

If I had to describe my daily workday it would be difficult because it’s so varied. In general, the focus is providing best in class service to my client portfolio (Latin America, Middle East and Asia). One day I'm busy reviewing legal documentation while the next day I can have (board and shareholder) meetings, (client) calls, calls with third party advisors or just internal matters. As part of the corporate service line team, we handle the Dutch structure of our clients and ensure that the corporate governance of these entities is fully aligned with Dutch law. Having a diverse international client portfolio, means we work constantly with different jurisdictions, which adds another dimension to the work.  

Four years ago, I started at Intertrust Group open minded about where I would end up. After finishing my masters in Commercial Law, with a strong focus on family law, I started working in that field. Yet, I felt I was missing something and realized that I wanted to work more in the corporate field, and corporate law in particular. After researching the possibilities, I came across Intertrust Group’s Graduate Talent Programme which gives you the opportunity to be trained in fiscal, accounting and corporate law, and determine your ultimate direction as you go along. It was perfect for me as it has allowed me to ultimately develop myself into a corporate company lawyer. If you asked me about the culture here, I don’t think I could describe it in one word as there are so many elements to it.  But inclusivity and connection definitely stand out the most. Everyone is focused on working together to reach the end goal. Everyone is connected with each other, and you see that people really take the time to get to know one other. That's something I haven't necessarily experienced as standard within other companies. If you ask what I had to get used to when I came to work here, it’s that in practice there is no real hierarchy. There’s an open-door policy and if you need advice or assistance then people are always happy to help.  

What I really love about the company is that Intertrust Group gives you the options to grow in different directions and follow your interests. There are several roads to choose, and it all depends on your own qualities and ambition which route you take. You can focus on detailed client work, commercial work or take the managerial path. Being a global company with offices all over the world, international assignments are always encouraged. I'm going to work in the Dubai office soon for a period of five months. In combination with my work here in Amsterdam, we’re going to explore how we can learn from each other and exchange knowledge. A great experience that I’m very much looking forward to! 

The Graduate Talent Programme at Intertrust Group provides a myriad of opportunities and for me that’s the most compelling reason to apply for it. It is up to you how you fill in the programme because you’re enabled and supported to unleash your full potential and get the best out of yourself. It sounds cliche, but from my own experiences I can truly say this is how it is. Join us, work hard and the company will give you the opportunity to grow.