Marcus Chan tells us about Intertrust’s healthy, positive and productive working environment


Intertrust is one of the most well-known multi-national service providers in the corporate services industry. It’s also one of the only fund service providers focused on both hedge funds and private equity funds. I was interested to learn more about the private equity fund, so I applied to join Intertrust and started working for the organisation in January 2018.

Sharing knowledge

As this was my first role in the private equity fund field, I’ve learnt a lot! As well as the on-the-job training, training sessions held by colleagues have helped me a lot in terms of developing my accounting and fund intelligence knowledge. After two years, I’m now able to hold my own training sessions and share my knowledge with my colleagues. The training sessions are so useful to keep everyone updated on the fund’s market updates and builds a solid foundation of fund knowledge.

Hands-on and helpful

My managers support me a lot. They’ve offered a lot of hands-on learning opportunities and guidance to me, which has helped me to grow quickly. Everyone here is so nice, friendly and helpful and the working environment feels healthy, positive and productive. The team has a close bond and we discuss and solve problems together. We also socialise after work together.

Proactive participation

My advice to anyone looking to grow their career at Intertrust would be to be proactive when it comes to training sessions and cross team activities. You can meet people from different sectors during the cross team functions and get to know a lot of knowledge and people culture among the different teams that way, which helps to grow your career faster. There are also secondment opportunities to other offices around the world, too.