Meet Joana on why she chose a career in Corporate Services

What attracted you to working at Intertrust and how did you start your career?

Being part of an international recognised firm who prides itself for delivering excellent client service together with the opportunity of career growth.

What do you enjoy about working at Intertrust and/or within Corporate Services?

Having exposure to a wide range of entities, clients, jurisdictions and being able to build solid relationships with clients and third parties.

Tell us about a typical day?

A typical day in corporate  services is a busy and challenging day with transactions and projects going on but also very rewarding to be able to deliver excellence to our clients.

Can you tell us about some of the colleagues you have learnt from and what you learnt? Perhaps someone who has been a mentor or buddy

We all have something to share so we all learn from each other but looking at more senior colleagues like Frances eager me to do more and better by looking into the finest detail and go beyond expectations.

What are you excited about for your career with Intertrust?

Knowing there is always room for growth and development, especially with the introduction of the Global Job Framework and clear defined roles.

What has been your best experience with Intertrust? Receiving positive client feedback (either directly or indirectly) is by far the best and most rewarding experience I’ve come across at Intertrust.  

What advice would you give someone who is considering a career with Intertrust?

Don’t be overwhelmed by joining an international firm, the departments are broken down into small and friendly teams designed to support each other.

Tell us what you like to do for fun or a fascinating fact about you (That you're happy to share)

A recent virtual social event just proved that I am terrible at quizzes and my general knowledge is shocking but I’m always up for a good social event no matter what!