Meet our current graduates Javad and Giorgia!


Javad and Giorgia both joined Intertrust Group in September 2022 as part of our Graduate Talent Programme. The programme is designed for young professionals who’d like to focus on their personal growth within a dynamic and international work environment. It provides young professionals the opportunity to explore their talents and discover where their passions lie whilst getting to know Intertrust Group.

Javad works currently as a junior financial account manager within the service line ‘Corporate services’ in the North America team. His role includes helping Intertrust Group clients through bookkeeping activities, transaction monitoring and preparing financial statements. Each day is different for Javad, with his schedule full of diverse and informative tasks.

Giorgia works in Intertrust Group’s Customer Due Diligence (CDD) department. Her role as an analyst helps the company on its journey to excellence by analysing internal files. Within the CDD team, Giorgia works primarily with weekly tasks where deadlines and objectives are critical. Together with the cluster leads, she anticipates each week, what she will work on and whether she requires any further training.

"The best thing I experienced in the first days after I started is that everyone was eager to get to know us and show us around," says Giorgia. This is something that Javad can only agree with, he says: “You meet a lot of new people and the great thing about this organisation is that it doesn't matter how much experience you have. At the Friday afternoon drinks, I immediately got to know many seniors and also on the work floor I immediately felt comfortable asking the smallest questions.”

Javad adds: “In the beginning, I also found this difficult. I wanted to do it right away and independently. However, I realised that it’s better to ask questions directly when I don’t know something, and based on various approaches from different colleagues, I develop much faster.” Giorgia also reflects on a similar experience. “For me, it was not immediately clear what was expected of me. In the beginning, I found this flexibility difficult; but now I see it much more as an opportunity to deliver my input directly.”

But why enter the Graduate Talent Programme? Both graduates have clear answers. "Many people enter the job market for the first time and then stay for a long time in a job they don't really like. This programme helps me to try and discover different service lines and roles and slowly get used to my first job," says Giorgia. For her it is therefore the ideal combination of having a full-time job and at the same time,  plenty of learning opportunities. Javad also acknowledges that it gives you time to discover the corporate world comfortably and is a safe space to make mistakes and learn. 

Already convinced? In March 2023 a new cohort will start again in the Netherlands, Spain and the United Kingdom. Interested? Please visit our career page.