My first six months at Intertrust, by Thea Zhuang


Intertrust is undoubtedly an excellent platform for anyone who wants to develop themselves in an international environment and broaden their horizons. When I joined six months ago, I was naturally a bit worried about whether I’d made the right decision. However, my concerns were completely dispelled because my managers are truly good leaders who have shared their valuable project management experiences with me to allow me to further understand how to grow and develop my own career.

Making time for mentoring

All my colleagues have been very patient in answering my questions and encourage me to ask for help whenever I need it, which has really helped me to settle in. The mentor programme has been particularly useful. We meet every month and it is completely confidential, so I’m comfortable sharing what I’ve been finding more difficult. My mentor always guides me to find solutions by sharing his own experience instead of directly telling me what I should do, which has been invaluable.

Achieving more

My favourite moment at Intertrust was when I worked together with another team to apply for a company WeChat Account. We didn’t have any experience in this area but by researching online and sharing with each other we successfully applied for the account and opened the collection function. It felt so good to work in cooperation with another team to reach the same goal.

Growing with the company

I’m looking forward to growing with the company. My advice to others would be to share your ideas and not to be afraid to ask for help. Everyone here is lovely and willing to help you settle in. Without the help from my colleagues, I could not have grown so quickly in such a short amount of time.