Sindy Song’s journey from receptionist to Assistant Manager


When I joined in 2011, I was the receptionist in the Beijing office. Two years later, my role developed into payroll specialist, and I was then promoted to payroll supervisor. With the payroll service growing, and a whole payroll team in Beijing, I was promoted again to Assistant Manager of the team.

Training and development

Intertrust, and especially my manager, Monica Lee, provided the initial opportunity to learn about the payroll service and then develop my skills. The business also offered me an English learning platform, which was great for my language skills development. Furthermore, in 2018, I was honoured to participate in the ELP training and this was a great opportunity to get to know all about Intertrust Service, as well as learn from other offices.

Great people

Office life is very harmonious! I have friendly colleagues and good leaders around me. My suggestions for anyone who wants to grow their career here would be to study hard and learn from your colleagues.