Soumya Subbaraju talks about Intertrust’s positive work environment


Soumya joined as a Manager on 10 October 2019 in Bangalore.

I have worked in other organizations in the past and can easily say that Intertrust follows a key success mantra of the corporate world, which is nothing but “Positive work environment and ethics".

It’s been three months with Intertrust and my role here requires interactions across various departments including HR , IT, Admin  and Ops to name a few. I have experienced how everyone is not shy to go an extra mile and extend their support  to make things happen. We collaborate and celebrate each other’s success.

What stands out here at Intertrust is transparency, culture and immense growth opportunities which motivates us to perform at our best. The management here recognizes performance, pats you on the back when you do a good job and stands by you during tough days. Through hard work and dedication we can mold our ideas and deliver world class results . Yes, I have seen all this happening in my organization, and it gives me the zest to excel.

Open door policy, working in collaboration for a bigger organizational goal are key for success which undoubtedly are present in this organization.

“We need the right people with us and not the best people to grow and become successful. That is reason why we are here with Intertrust today “