Swinda Doest-Pratt on growing to your maximum potential


I joined Intertrust in 1994. While I was finishing my studies in the Netherlands, I saw an advertisement in the Antillenhuis for a position in the Fund Services Department. As I was about to return to Curaçao, I decided to visit the office in Curacao to discuss the job opening in person. Two weeks later I had a job in the Fund Services department!

Intertrust has provided me with lots of opportunities to change and learn. Two years after I joined the Fund Services department, I moved into the Trust department and a few years later to the Compliance department. Six years after that, an interesting opportunity presented itself in the Trust department and I found myself there again. Throughout all of this, I’d been on lots of different courses regarding bank operations, management, compliance and fiscal courses regarding the constant fiscal regime changes in the industry. Thanks to Intertrust’s support, I was able to obtain my Master of Business Administration in 2001.

I love the diversity of cultures that I come in contact with, the different structures that we manage and the fact that we remain up-to-date on developments in the banking institution and changes in different countries. Being able to brainstorm and collaborate with my colleagues both locally and across the jurisdictions, means we can always provide to the client a good job.

If you are forward thinking, enjoy change and diversity and are passionate about providing service, Intertrust is a great place for you to develop your career. You’ll be exposed to the various industries, rules and regulations of different countries and given the opportunity to grow to your maximum potential.