Zoë Kerkvliet - It felt great that it was okay not knowing everything and having the time to learn from your mistakes.


Meet Zoë Kerkvliet: she started at Intertrust Group four years ago on the Graduate Talent Programme and now work as a senior company lawyer in the North America team.

When I applied to the Programme, I’d just completed my second master's degree, had no idea what I wanted to do, but did know that I wanted to work for a large international company. Furthermore, it was important to me that my values matched the values of the company. During the interviews I sensed straight away that I liked the spirit of the company! 

I liked the fact that we started with a pretty large group and that early on we went on a weekend trip together. It was nice to meet my new colleagues outside of the office and exchange experiences with them. The progamme during the trip was great with a good balance between free time, a nice dinner, going to the beach together and working on our personal goals. Throughout the whole programme,I valued that we gained information both on how to be up and running in your job and how to develop as a person.

When you’re just starting your first job it’s simultaneously exciting and daunting. I really appreciated hearing that I was not expected to get everything right straight away. That I was not expected to know everything immediately and that I could learn from my mistakes. Whenever I had questions, there was always someone in my team available to explain things to me. Even multiple times if needed. I really felt that there were no consequences if I was confused about something as everyone is there to help you develop and to train you further in your position.

What I like most about working at Intertrust Group is that so much is a team effort requiring input from colleagues in many different functions to get the desired results.This ensures that you continue to learn new things, even outside your own field!

If you’re hesitating to join the Graduate Talent Programme, I would say just go for it – you won’t regret it! You may be stepping into a whole new world, but there are people around to help you develop every step of the way.