Private Wealth Client Director



To act as Client Director on Private Wealth client cases, providing fiduciary services in accordance with the relevant Client Services Agreements and the various laws and regulations pertaining to the Group’s Guernsey regulatory licences.

Ensure Intertrust business goals and local strategy are aligned;

Contribute to the strategic success of the business;

Identify and develop growth opportunities through new business and existing client base including opportunities to refer business throughout the Group;

Provide a high level of technical expertise/knowledge on complex cases;

Ensure all clients receive a consistent, professional and personal quality service;

Take the lead on all contentious client relationships and matters, resolving fee disputes and client concerns;

Proactively keep an up-to-date awareness of current industry issues and mitigate the potential negative impact on clients/Guernsey business;

As directors of client entities and Guernsey corporate trustee/director entities, to make informed and independent decisions on client transactions backed by supporting information and relevant legal and/or tax advice;

Periodically consider higher than normal risk factors impacting the entities in your client allocation.  

Provide leadership, technical guidance and management support to the Associate Directors, Managers, Assistant Managers and Administrators responsible for the day to-to-day administration of client entities;

Contribute to the continuous development of the Guernsey private wealth team by identifying staff training needs and the active participation in recruitment and succession planning; and

Foster good relations between management and staff by demonstrating integrity through effective and open communication with the Guernsey team.

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