Chartered Accountant, Fresher



Job responsibility:

  • Coordinate in Geneva Fund setup – i.e. N Tier or GWI including setup of Classes, Special allocation groups, multiple legal entities, defining all the linkages and hierarchies across multiple Masters and Feeders, defining Catch-up and Carry terms and classes (after deciding that Carry should be calculated at what level). Performing system fund allocations in GWI moth on month and verifying the correctness of all attributes.
  • Maintaining Compliance checklist, checking for monthly/quarterly/yearly Investments restrictions.
  • Preparation of detailed NAV pack and Economic allocations including PNL allocation from Master to feeder funds, feeder specific PNLs, Hedge PNLs, even and uneven pnl allocations, pnl adjustments (if any), schedules for Preferred returns, Catch-up, Carry computations (crystalized and uncrystalized) , Clawback, IRR (Gross and Net) calculations.
  • Handling multi-currency investors, their accounting aspect and Investor allocations
  • Maintaining Investors’ database by creating investors and recording their commitments, close dates, capital calls, catch-up calls, distributions (recallable / non-recallable), funded/unfunded commitments, transfers, switches
  • Maintaining master-feeder capital activity movements and understanding how that impacts Master Feeder allocations
  • Handling commitments extension / commitments expiration
  • Preparation and distribution of capital calls (including catch-up capital calls) and distribution notices and for distributions we also prepare supporting income distribution calculations. Also doing the funds upstream as required.
  • Performing rebalancing activity considering late closers.
  • Performing/analyzing/resolving cash recons including recons of Cross held accounts
  • Analyzing cash flow requirements considering upcoming cash needs.
  • Preparing borrowing request, conversion notices, repayment notice for Line of credit, tracking tranches of LOC
  • Calculating and approving interest amounts on Line of credit and unused fee on Line of credit.
  • Wires approving, preparing wire package and Safekeeping.
  • Tracking the due dates for any filing requirements towards lender (e.g. Compliance certificate due to Lender of credit facility) and preparation of such documentation.
  • Tracking Investments deals and their future cash flows and /interest calculations.
  • Daily/weekly flash reports, dashboards.
  • Request hedge/ de-hedge FX’s as and when required
  • Monitor and maintain separate recon for Bid deposits.
  • Assist in yearly Investments’ confirmation exercise
  • Form PF and AIFMD working files preparation.
  • Preparing management fee computations (in various periods’ i.e. Interim, investment and liquidation periods) and special fee distributions computations per LPA agreement and considering various offsets. Passing accounting entries to appropriately record offsets e.g. placement fee offsets, Org cost offsets, directors fee offsets etc.
  • Preparing capital statements / ILPA statements
  • Compute various kind of returns and rations i.e. Gross and Net IRRs, TWRs, DPI, RVPI, TVPI, Investment multiple etc.
  • Prepare reporting – Fund level reports, investor level reports, carried interest, GP reports, regulatory reports etc.
  • Prepare Financial statements, 4 pagers, SOI and notes to the financial statements

Your Background:

  • Preferred CA/CPA/CFA, Masters in Finance & Accounting.
  • Good knowledge and understanding of Financial Services / Capital Markets Industry / Private Equity & Hedge Funds
  • Demonstrable accomplishments relating to organizational change activities in a fast-paced environment.
  • Willing to work in global shifts.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication in English.
  • Strong problem-solving skills.  
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