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Your Position
Innovative and efficient compensation arrangements often provide the competitive edge that an employer needs. Our global Performance & Reward Management (PRM) department delivers complete, pragmatic solutions in this rapidly developing arena. You will be committed and driven towards achieving excellence for you and your clients in addition to being proactive and forward thinking.
Your role on team will be focused on achieving excellence for the Share Plan team and their clients, and providing the team members with managerial and technical support each day. We are looking for a candidate with a number of years experience in managing people, and with substantive trust experience including a background in share plans and/or alternative employee incentive structures
A candidate will be expected to assume responsibility for a varied portfolio of employee benefit structures and take full responsibility for the development of a number of more junior team members. The structures on team can vary considerably between our clients which makes this an interesting and varied role.

Technical Attributes

  • Collaborate with your team to manage a substantial portfolio of client reward structures, primarily employee benefit trusts facilitating employee share schemes.
  • A strong technical background in trust structures, in particular employee benefit trusts, and the ability to apply this knowledge to the structures on team.
  • Good attention to detail and the ability to conduct a thorough reviews of standard employee benefit trust documentation highlighting pertinent points.
  • Be proficient with Microsoft applications including Microsoft Word and Excel. The ability to manage and manipulate large data sheets on Ex
  • cel is expected as part of this role.
  • Provide technical support to the team administrators and senior administrators.
  • Be an expert in share plans and share that knowledge and experience with the team
  • Be able to run with large corporate transactions on team and support the wider team with the same.
  • Ensure that all Intertrust policies and procedures are adhered to for your clients.
  • A good understanding of, and the ability to apply, the Anti Money Laundering (Jersey) Order 2008 to your structures.
  • Provide operational support for on boarding new structures, launching new incentive arrangements, and maintaining existing structures.
  • To be proactive in keeping an up-to-date awareness of current industry issues, e.g. changes in legislation
  • Be able to collaborate on client update briefings on relevant and topical technical matters.

Client Care

  • Manage key client and intermediary relationships ensuring that we provide excellent service.
  • Ensure client records are clearly updated with all correspondence and enforce this on the team.
  • Communicate openly and honestly with clients on a regular basis
  • Ensure team achieve the Intertrust service standards which include standard response times for enquiries.
  • Conduct meetings, produce minutes, resolutions and any other administration duties requested. Review work produced by the team ensuring it is complete and accurate, adheres to Intertrust policies and as part of the review highlight any errors.
  • Maintain client documents with integrity, clearly updating all correspondence
  • Pro-actively complete client take-on process and on-going reviews of clients
  • Be committed and driven to achieving excellence for themselves and their clients
  • Attend client and intermediary visits as required
  • Have the delivery of enhanced client service at the forefront of every action

People & Team

  • Proactively manage your direct reports and the wider team keeping them motivated, engaged, and performing well.
  • Assist the Client Director / Directors in supervising staff within the team, including, mentoring, compliance with standard policies and procedures, recruitment, discipline, resourcing, training and development
  • Be approachable and accessible to your team members, offering guidance and development when required and assist in identifying any training needs
  • Provide new, innovative ideas on how to improve the efficiencies of daily tasks
  • Take care of and establish good relationships with all team members, clients, business partners and contacts in the wider office.
  • Review and manage the workload of team administrators on a daily basis reporting upwards to senior management
  • Lead by example approaching your role on team with a positive attitude, setting high standards of work, and showing a how dedicated you are to the team and its goals.


  • Assist in the management of the financial affairs of the team, including budgeting, monitoring against performance, review of staff time charging, preparation of quotations for potential and existing clients and billing
  • Contribute to the department's strategy for growth and participate actively in team and management strategy sessions

Skills & Expertise

  • Notable experience in a similar role
  • Effective communication and interpersonal skills
  • Strong people management skills and the ability to inspire and develop junior staff members
  • Be able to demonstrate technical knowledge and experience in trusts and employee incentives
  • Knowledge of the legislation that underpins this area and an understanding of good Corporate Governance and ethics.
  • Ability to manage a team
  • ICSA/STEP/ACCA qualified or actively working towards/close to completing a professional qualification
  • Problem solving skills and the ability to take on challenges when they are presented to you
  • Ability to work effectively in a team and recognise the importance of working together to achieve our goals.
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