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About Intertrust
Our 4,000 employees are dedicated to providing world-leading, specialized administration services to clients in over 30 jurisdictions. This is amplified by the support we offer across our approved partner network which covers a further 100 jurisdictions. Our focus on bespoke corporate, fund, capital market and private wealth services enables our clients to invest, grow and thrive anywhere in the world. Sitting at the heart of international business, our local, expert knowledge and innovative, proprietary technology combine to deliver a compelling proposition - all of which keeps our clients one step ahead.
By being the best at what we do, we empower businesses of all sizes, wherever they are in the world, to navigate the complexity of ever-changing rules and regulations. We support them to grow and accelerate the possible. We partner with them to transform and unleash the potential of their operating model by driving the efficiency, technology and insight needed to achieve a competitive edge. We deliver the power they need to succeed. That's why we focus on attracting, developing and retaining the best talent in our industry and our talent strategy is centered on strong teams, platforms for growth and our values-driven culture.

Your Position
Corporate Services provides onshore and offshore director, corporate administration, secretarial, bookkeeping and accounting services to diverse corporate and institutionally owned multi-jurisdictional structures consisting of companies, limited partnerships, unit trusts and other vehicles. 
We operate a global service line which ensures consistent application of good governance and best practice in corporate administration services across multiple jurisdictions and time zones, and provides the ability to deliver innovative solutions to clients with an international profile

Technical Attributes 
•    Contribute to the effective development of regulatory, compliance and risk management policies and procedures in relation to specified corporate structures 
•    Oversee the management of your client's portfolios, offering advice from our internal processes and collaborating with your team
•    Pro-actively act as a director and alternate director of client companies administered by Intertrust, conduct client meetings and contribute to board meetings of Intertrust operating companies  

Client Care 
•    Manage a portfolio of client relationships within Corporate Services according to specialism and expertise
•    Act as director or alternate director of client companies administered by IFS and IFS operating companies 
•    Ensure that the delivery of client service in the team meets agreed service standards 
•    Proactively develop key client relationships and actively contribute to cross-selling opportunities

People & Team 
•    Manage the performance of the Corporate Services team to deliver agreed business plan goals and targets  
•    Contribute to the Corporate Services leadership function and in doing so, ensure adherence to IFS and Intertrust Group values 
•    Deliver effective communication within the team, providing regular reporting and feedback, so that agreed strategy and business plans are achieved
•    Be accessible and approachable to all of your team members, offering guidance and development when required
•    Deliver innovative and effective leadership in line with Intertrust's values
•    Contribute to the achievement of Corporate Services specific business development goals in the relevant jurisdiction through proactive management and development of key client relationships and active contribution to cross-selling opportunities
•    Oversee financial performance of the team and drive profitability. Accurately contribute to the production of management information to monitor performance against objectives

Skills & Expertise 
•    Experience in a similar role
•    Regulator approval in the relevant jurisdiction required for the Corporate Services team 
•    Broad understanding of the wide range of fiduciary products offered by Intertrust globally
•    Detailed, in depth understanding of the specific offerings within the relevant IFS Service Line
•    Team leadership skills
•    Good interpersonal skills
•    Ability to understand, inspire and develop others
•    Effective communicator
•    Ability to formulate, consider and select the most appropriate solutions
•    Ability to work effectively in a team

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